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If you are looking for sweet, unique, romantic, loving, or sexy love names, or even for a funny nickname for your sweetheart, you found the right place. Search our site for hundreds of pet names for your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Search our site and find the nickname you are looking for. We have great nickname ideas for him and for her.

Sweet Pet Names is a great place to find romantic nicknames and pet names for lovers, for boyfriends and girlfriends, or for husbands and wives. We also have pet name ideas for intimate body parts.

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Last but not least we hope you will get a laugh out of our collection of funny nicknames for everyone.

Please keep this in mind!
A given birth name and a nickname are important parts of everyone’s identity, so it is understandable that you want to choose carefully. Make sure you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by choosing a bad nickname.

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      Interesting, Unusual and Fun Facts about Names:

  • Did you know the word nickname derived from the word ekename, which means “additional name? People started using this fraise in the early 1300’s.
  • James Earl Carter was sworn in as President of the United States using his nickname "Jimmy" in 1977.
  • The Vikings’ had a special bond between the name giver and the recipient of a nickname; they even held a “Nicknaming Ceremony” which included the exchange of gifts.
  • The most popular boy name of the last 100 yeas in the United States was James, 3% of all babies born during this time where givin this name.
  • The most popular girl name of the last 100 yeas in the United States was Mary, 3.5% of all babies born during this time where givin this name.
  • The world famous Irish rock band U2 was first named “Feedback” from 1976-1977, and then “The Hype” from 1977-1978.
  • There is a small town in Maryland, USA with a rather surprising name, it is called “Accident”.
  • In Devon, England, you will find a small village with the cheerful name of a popular beverage “Beer”.
  • This is not a joke, but there is a stream in Iowa, USA named “Long Dick Creek”. It makes you wonder why...
  • The external part of the ear, which you probably just call your ear, is known as “pinna” in medical terms.
  • There is an official medical term for your big toe, it is called a “hallux”. What a strange name for such a common part of your body.
  • The people of London gave the Leadenhall Building the nickname Cheese-Grater, and the building at 20 Fenchurch Street was nicknamed Walkie-Talkie. They did it because that is exactly what these buildings look like. Check it out!